Monday, December 27, 2010

KnifeologyCustomKnives website updated.

My website featuring some of my Custom Knife Collection and information about custom knife collecting has been updated with pictures of more knives and I have re-shot several knives and updated their pictures.  Please check it out at 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Michael Burch and Knifeology Every Day Carry Limited Edition (BKEDC)

Michael Burch (Burchtree Bladeworks) and will soon be presenting a Limited Edition of 10 knives along with 2 Prototypes of the BKEDC (Burch Knifeology Every Day Carry) knife.  The genesis of the BKEDC was a conversation I had with Michael about his KW13 model that I had been using as my EDC.  It is a great knife but I wanted something lighter weight and I wanted Michael's signature Hamon on my EDC.  Michael put this knife together for me (top one) and I have been using it for over a year.  Everyone I've shown it to and let handle it has said they wanted one.  Pictures of my original KW13 and the precursor to the BKEDC are below.  Notice the difference in the thickness of the stock resulting in the lighter weight for the BKEDC Knife.

The 2 prototypes will be dressed up versions of the knife, the first of which is pictured below;

This knife along with the Limited Edition of 10 BKEDC's will be released and sold exclusively through the website.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Some cool tacticals

November was a hectic month, three shows; Spirt of Steel in Knoxville, Tulsa Arms Show the largest Gun Show in the country with 3700 tables, plenty of knives and all kinds of cool stuff and NYCKS in New Jersey.  I ended up setting up/selling at all of them which is unusual since for many shows I just go to cruise the isles and buy.  After these shows it was Thanksgiving and a trip to the in-laws.  I have been busy and subsequently I have been remiss in posting.

Anyway, I picked up a lot of very nice knives.  I did especially well acquiring knives within the Tactical genre from some great makers so I though I would share.  Here are single prospective pictures of many of the new knives, for multiple pictures you'll have to go to my website .

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving.