Saturday, July 28, 2012

Teaser picture

Sent a very nice Tom Overeynder knife off to Lisa Tomlin for engraving and Lisa sent me a picture of only one bolster, what a tease.  The theme of the engraving is predator/prey with a lion and a zebra as the subjects.  After I receive it and photograph it I'll post a full set of pictures, until then, here is the tease;

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Big Sky Knife Show and hammer Inn

Attended Josh Smith's Big Sky Knife Show and Hammer Inn last weekend, this is my 4th time attending.  This is one of my favorite shows, it features a limited number of makers and collectors all able to spend a lot of quality time together socializing and talking knives. The Knife Show starts Friday evening in an art gallery in downtown Missoula, however, most everyone gets together beginning mid-morning Friday out at Josh's ranch.  The day consists of talking, drinking, eating, cigar smoking and playing with knives.  Josh and his wife Jodie are wonderful hosts.  Here are some pictures of the scenery at Josh's ranch;

On Saturday the Hammer Inn begins and it is open to all.  Quite a few knife makers attend the learning/skills seminars that take place all day Saturday and continue Sunday morning.

Here are a couple pictures of the training/skills session, first is a tent to provide some shade;

Here is Tim Hancock teaching a seminar,

Most of the knives are sold lottery style at the Art Gallery and some are available the next day out at Josh's.  Here are some of the knives;

Josh Smith Bowie and 2 blade folder

Josh Smith Push Dagger

 Enrique Pena Knives

Tim Hancock Hunter

Tim Hancock Bowie

I was lucky enough to get drawn for several knives including these;

Ken Steigerwalt Deco Folder

Enrique Pena Pre-ban Ivory Stockman

Enrique Pena 5 Blade Sowbelly Prototype

Owen Wood Deco Dagger

I also picked up a few John Young knives plus another Pena and a Steigerwalt.

This is a great show and I recommend attending if you are able.  Glacier National Park is a few hours north of Josh's and Yellowstone National Park is about 5 hours south.  The fishing in the area is some of the best in the lower 48. Many guests arrange to enjoy these many wonderful opportunities in the area along with the show and hammer inn.  Josh is now doing the show every other year. Check it out, you will not regret it.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

William F "Bill" Moran

Bill Moran is recognized as the founder of the modern American Bladesmith movement and is credited with re-introducing the ancient process of forging Damascus (pattern welded) steel.  Moran's knives are some of the most valuable and sought after modern handmade knives.  I recently began re-photographing a number of the knives in my personal collection, among them these two Moran pieces.  The first is a rare double edge push dagger, a "Lady Margaret" named after Bill's wife and the other is a Green River style knife, one of Bill's 1997 AKI knives.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Rick Genovese Pirate Girls Engraved by Jon Robyn

Rick Genovese was/is a well known knife maker that fell off the radar for a time due to personal issues.  He re-emerged in the last couple of years and is again making a name for himself. Rick builds a knife with fit and finish second to none, his work is on a par with Busfield, Osborne, Kious and Hoel.  This little beauty by Rick has been engraved by Jon Robyn.  Enjoy.