Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Spotlight on Jeremy Krammes

For those who have followed my Blog you know that I often like to put the spotlight on certain knifemakers.  Jeremy Krammes http://www.jkknives.com/index.html is a talented knifemaker that I have been following for several years.  The most difficult thing for any knifemaker to develop is a unique artistic vision that is manifested in a recognizable style,  Jeremy has done this.  Jeremy has a great design sense, he has developed a unique style and his knives "speak to me".

Jeremy is a part time maker and only makes a small number of knives each year.  I have watched his fit and finish improve markedly over the last few years and it is exciting to get ahold of new pieces.  This is a maker to watch.

Here are some his knives that I have/had;

This is Jeremy's Apoc (short for Apocalypse) my favorite model to date

Here is another Apoc, this one shows off Jeremy's carving skills.

This is my most recent acquisition.

Here is a cool little knife called the Shortcut.  This one again shows off Jeremy's carving ability.

Hope you enjoyed!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Boston Art Knife Classic

Attended the Boston Art Knife Classic October 16th.  This was the premier of this new knife show done in the fashion of the Art Knife Invitational.   I was fortunate enough to pick up several nice pieces and here are some pictures of my two favorites.

First is a two blade lock back folder Prototype from Salvatore Puddu 

Next up, a knife by Charlie Bennica which he calls "Scotland"

The show was a first class affair.  A private party was held the night prior for makers and purveyors at a wonderful old house built in the mid 1800's on the sight of the Battle of Bunker Hill.  The front of the home faced the Bunker Hill Monument.  A park ranger was present to tell the story of the Battle of Bunker Hill.  The show itself was at the historic Park Plaza Hotel with food and drink for all the attendees.  It was a great time and hopefully I'll be in attendance when the show is next held in two years.