Monday, December 27, 2010

KnifeologyCustomKnives website updated.

My website featuring some of my Custom Knife Collection and information about custom knife collecting has been updated with pictures of more knives and I have re-shot several knives and updated their pictures.  Please check it out at 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Michael Burch and Knifeology Every Day Carry Limited Edition (BKEDC)

Michael Burch (Burchtree Bladeworks) and will soon be presenting a Limited Edition of 10 knives along with 2 Prototypes of the BKEDC (Burch Knifeology Every Day Carry) knife.  The genesis of the BKEDC was a conversation I had with Michael about his KW13 model that I had been using as my EDC.  It is a great knife but I wanted something lighter weight and I wanted Michael's signature Hamon on my EDC.  Michael put this knife together for me (top one) and I have been using it for over a year.  Everyone I've shown it to and let handle it has said they wanted one.  Pictures of my original KW13 and the precursor to the BKEDC are below.  Notice the difference in the thickness of the stock resulting in the lighter weight for the BKEDC Knife.

The 2 prototypes will be dressed up versions of the knife, the first of which is pictured below;

This knife along with the Limited Edition of 10 BKEDC's will be released and sold exclusively through the website.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Some cool tacticals

November was a hectic month, three shows; Spirt of Steel in Knoxville, Tulsa Arms Show the largest Gun Show in the country with 3700 tables, plenty of knives and all kinds of cool stuff and NYCKS in New Jersey.  I ended up setting up/selling at all of them which is unusual since for many shows I just go to cruise the isles and buy.  After these shows it was Thanksgiving and a trip to the in-laws.  I have been busy and subsequently I have been remiss in posting.

Anyway, I picked up a lot of very nice knives.  I did especially well acquiring knives within the Tactical genre from some great makers so I though I would share.  Here are single prospective pictures of many of the new knives, for multiple pictures you'll have to go to my website .

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Spotlight on Jeremy Krammes

For those who have followed my Blog you know that I often like to put the spotlight on certain knifemakers.  Jeremy Krammes is a talented knifemaker that I have been following for several years.  The most difficult thing for any knifemaker to develop is a unique artistic vision that is manifested in a recognizable style,  Jeremy has done this.  Jeremy has a great design sense, he has developed a unique style and his knives "speak to me".

Jeremy is a part time maker and only makes a small number of knives each year.  I have watched his fit and finish improve markedly over the last few years and it is exciting to get ahold of new pieces.  This is a maker to watch.

Here are some his knives that I have/had;

This is Jeremy's Apoc (short for Apocalypse) my favorite model to date

Here is another Apoc, this one shows off Jeremy's carving skills.

This is my most recent acquisition.

Here is a cool little knife called the Shortcut.  This one again shows off Jeremy's carving ability.

Hope you enjoyed!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Boston Art Knife Classic

Attended the Boston Art Knife Classic October 16th.  This was the premier of this new knife show done in the fashion of the Art Knife Invitational.   I was fortunate enough to pick up several nice pieces and here are some pictures of my two favorites.

First is a two blade lock back folder Prototype from Salvatore Puddu 

Next up, a knife by Charlie Bennica which he calls "Scotland"

The show was a first class affair.  A private party was held the night prior for makers and purveyors at a wonderful old house built in the mid 1800's on the sight of the Battle of Bunker Hill.  The front of the home faced the Bunker Hill Monument.  A park ranger was present to tell the story of the Battle of Bunker Hill.  The show itself was at the historic Park Plaza Hotel with food and drink for all the attendees.  It was a great time and hopefully I'll be in attendance when the show is next held in two years.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Korth Knives

Korth is the named used by two brothers, Rick and Rudy Lala, for their knife making endeavor. The Lala brothers live in Brazil and they produce some ground breaking work.  Aside from their knives, which I'll get to shortly, the Lala brothers are co-inventors of the Ikoma Korth Bearing System (IKBS) which is used by many knife makers as the opening/closing mechanism for their knives.

The knives created by Rick and Rudy are quite good but what is especially remarkable are the pieces featuring carved handles and frames.  These two make a great team with Rick building the knife and Rudy doing the carving.  Other makers do carve knife handles, however, the carving on the Korth knives is unique in it's style.  It has been my privilege to handle many of their knives and I would like to share photos of some of those I have had.  I hope you enjoy;

This particular model knife is called the Amazona.

The Korth carved skulls tend to be the most highly sought after pieces.  This model is called the Coyote. 

This is a more recent piece done in an Art Deco style.  The model is called the Sentry.

Here is another Sentry with a Hanya (Traditional Japanese figure of a women so jealous she has become a  monster and has grown horns) carving.

Another Sentry model with a skeleton carving.

Another skeleton, this one smoking a cigar.

Skull and snake design.

 A Stinger model with Dragon.

Grim Reaper.

This is the most recent and I feel the most detailed and spectacular piece done to date.  This is the Reptile model featuring a skeleton with legs crossed leaning on a cane smoking a cigar and wearing a top hat!

 Back of the Reptile with a pocket clip carved to look like a serpent climbing a tree.  Notice the Spade standing out on it's own; the skeleton has a playing card in his hat band that is a Spade.

Korth knives have become a hot collectible and are unique and extremely cool!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I was fortunate to pick up several new knives that will all eventually be engraved.  It is kind of exciting deciding what engraving theme/style is appropriate to each knife, who the engraver should be and anticipating what they will look like when finally done.  Here are the knives I just got (these are kind of quick & dirty pictures I did for inventory vs. display purposes);

This is a large model 15 from Tom Overeynder with Blue Biggs Jasper.  This piece is a Prototype as it is the first large model 15 with the "pinched butt stock".  Not yet sure were this on is going.

This piece by Warren Osborne is his Slim Pick model.  This piece is very special because the inner oval is Lapis and the outer is Mother-of-Pearl; it is very difficult to properly mate these dissimilar materials.  This knife is off to Brian Hochstrat.

This is a Joe Kious model 10 which is on the way to C J Cai.  I had Joe center the black-lip inlay (it is usually closer to the rear bolster) to allow equal areas for engraving on both sides of the inlay.

This beautiful little knife is from Steve Hoel.  Not sure yet about the engraver or theme.

Here is a small model 15 from Tom Overeynder with a Deschutes Jasper.  This knife will go to Joe Mason for engraving in a scroll pattern with lots of Gold.

Last of the new knives destined to be engraved is another model 15 from Tom Overeynder.  This one has the nicest Gold-lip Pearl I have seen.

I believe this is the greatest number of new knives, destined for engraving, that I have secured at one time.  I expect it will be a couple of years before I see the last of these back in my hands fully engraved.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wolfgang Loerchner is arguably one of the top 5 living knifemakers and I was fortunate enough to obtain this elegant example of his work.  Wolfe informs me that this is one of the first Daggers he ever made...about 1984.  This is not a large piece, the blade is 5 1/2" and the overall length is 9 1/4".  The Grotesque engravings (Grotesque is a style/theme, the execution is superb) are by master engraver Rick Eaton.