Friday, April 30, 2010

Solvang Custom Knife Show

Recently returned from the Solvang Custom Knife Show which took place Saturday Apr. 24th.  This was an all drawing (i.e. lottery) format show, previously it was more along the lines of a traditional show; first come first served show.  I believe the consensus was that it worked out well and most buyers & sellers were pleased.  I got "skunked" myself, not drawn for the right to purchase any knives, however, I still came home with knives.  I had a delivery from C Gray Taylor and I purchased a Busfield from a friend.   Even though the format was lottery there was plenty of buying/selling before, after and at the show.  Great conversations and food at the show and the Bar-B-Que that evening, held at the Gainey Winery and Ranch was lots of fun.  It is great seeing the familiar faces and meeting new people.  The camaraderie is a highlight of the event [and most every knife show I attend].

Well here is another best part of the show, my acquisition;

C Gray Taylor Sleeveboard gentleman's folder with two blades, nail file and scissors.  The liners, pins, screw & tension bar in the scissors and the tip bolsters are all of 14k gold.  The antique Tortoise shell handles are inlaid with green and rose gold with highlights engraved by Tim George.

This is a knife that I look at and it makes me smile!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I would like to introduce you to, if you are not already familiar with, the work of Jody Muller.

I've known Jody for several years now and I am continually impressed by his knives.  Jody's work generally falls into the art knife category.  Though he occasionally collaborates with other makers, most notably Michael Burch when they make Damascus together, Jody's knives are generally sole authorship.  Aside from the basic knife construction, he makes his own Damascus and does his own engraving.   Here are some examples of Jody'e work;

Here are a few with some engraving that has really impressed me;

One of my favorite themes from Jody is dragons;

Here are some close ups of the engraving;

Hope you have enjoyed seeing the work of Jody Muller.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Skulls seem a popular theme when it comes to knives; lanyard beads, engraving, carved, etc..  One of my purveyor friends always says skulls sell.  Kind of like them myself. Not sure what it is about them that causes the attraction. Here are some for your viewing pleasure.

 Engraving of skulls:

Skull Lanyard Beads;
Skull Thumb-stud;

Skull Menuli;

Skull Bead:

Anyway, skulls are kind a cool when associated with knives.  Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Badger Knife Show

Attended the Badger Knife Show in Janesville WI this past weekend.  Very nice club show, probably 150 tables, mostly older production knives but also supplies, several custom knife makers, some purveyors of custom knives, nice assortment.  I'm told they have about 1500 or so attendees through the doors.  There was a fair size crowd on Friday but Saturday was very well attended, Sunday slow.

Met Jim Smyth for the first time, nice guy.  He didn't have a table, was just there. We had communicated via e-mail several times previously.  Got really lucky and got this piece from him;

First and only Necker he has ever done.  The blade is that of one of his Mantis knives, didn't work out on the knife so he got creative.  I think this is a stunning piece of work....It reminds me of a sculpture......ought to be in a museum!  Leather lined Kydex sheath.