Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Slip Joint Knives

I am a fan of slip joints.  The development of slip joints goes back centuries.  Some of the best makers of this genre are [IMHO] and in no particular order Tony & Reese Bose, Mike Zscherny, Jerry Halfrich, Bill Ruple, Joel Chamblin, Terry Davis.  Here are some pictures to enjoy;

Tony Bose Lanny's clip with Oosik handles

Tony Bose Muskrat MOP handles & Gold pins

Tony Bose Saddlehorn Stag handles

 Mike Zscherny Amber Stag Backpocket

Bill Ruple Splitback Whittler with antique tortoise handles and gold pins

Bret Dowell Dogleg Jack with pre ban elephant ivory handles

 Jerry Halfrich Lanny's Clip with pre ban elephant ivory handles

Jerry Halfrich Saddlehorn with pre ban ivory elephant handles

 Jerry Halfrich Stag Rounder

Jerry Halfrich Bose pattern wharncliff trapper with stag handles

 Mike Zscherny amber stag trapper

Saturday, February 4, 2012