Saturday, July 12, 2014

I have been slacking, time to post something. Bob Loveless..........

Doesn't get much better than a Loveless when it comes to collectible knives.  When it come to Loveless knives many collectors are always on the lookout for a better example of whatever model they already have so they end up with the best example of each model.  I picked up two beauties at the Blade Show that will fit that bill for many or for someone that hasn't either a primo example.  Thought about keeping them both for myself, however, I just can't keep everything.  Who knows, they just may end up back in my collection.  Check em out.

Now the Semi Skinner is admittedly not one of my favorite blade shapes but it is one of Bob Loveless's most classic designs.  This piece has it all in my opinion; Double Nude logo, perfectly matched side to side amber stag and signed sheath.  Some people prefer long bolsters and hidden pins which is great if you plan to engrave the knife but I feel these features are purely esthetic, requested by some collectors, and most all of these examples likely done to a great extent by Merritt.  The traditional bolsters and rivets are to me more in the spirit of Bob Lovelesss and his perspective of a utilitarian knife.

The second beauty I picked up is a dagger.  I have always liked the dagger shape.  I had a couple of exceptional Loveless daggers with engraving by Dan Wilkerson.  Some of those are ones that I wish I had kept.  Anyway, this piece is exceptional and very clean with great natural stag.  Most of the Loveless knives in my person collection are natural stag, something special about it vs. the amber which I do like but again, something about the natural when there is great figuring and color as in this piece.  I expect I will keep this one or at least play with it awhile before I let it go.