Thursday, February 25, 2010

East Coast Custom Knife Show

Recently returned from the ECCKS.  As always some makers had knives remaining on their tables but many did very well and sold out.  For the most part, both makers and purveyors alike seemed to have a good show. Had a pretty good show myself but it could always be better.  Hopefully a good sign for the custom knife market.

I acquired some nice pieces, among them four Bose knives, excited about these, at least a couple will remain in my collection.  Two of my favorite acquisitions were a couple of Jack Busfield knives.  In the 80s and 90s Jack Busfield, along with Steve Hoel, made the quality of inter frame knife all others aspired to.  Jack isn't very active in the market these days, does not attend any shows.  Here are pictures of the Busfields;

This first piece is the Price Dagger model.  The inlays are Sea Snail, almost impossible to find these days especially pieces of any size.  Great material similar to pearl but with tremendous luster, it is almost as if you are looking into the depths of the material.  My pictures do not do it justice.

This next piece is the BK model.  The Green Jade in this is outstanding.

A few other really nice acquisitions but gotta get my camera cleaned, a few small specs of dust are causing some problems so probably more pictures after I get that handled.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Emerson Grail - Damascus CQC6

People often refer to a "Grail" knife and I got one!  Drew the right to purchase this at the Tactical Invitational Show in Las Vegas last month.  The Custom Emerson CQC6 knives are very rare, variations are even rarer and this one was an amazing score.
Not sure if I'm going to keep this one or post it up on for sale.  No matter, here are the pictures to enjoy.