Friday, March 16, 2012

C Gray Taylor Bartender's Knife

Gray is one of the AKI (Art Knife Invitational) knife makers creating some of the most wonderful knives that you will ever see.  he specializes in reproductions of historical multi-blade gentleman folders using steel, precious metals and exotic materials to create his interpretations of classic knives.  I asked Gray to reproduce a fancy bartenders knife pictured in the book Sheffield Exhibition Knives.  This knife has a master sheepfoot blade, a pen blade, a fancy corkscrew and a bartender's bottle blade.  It has beautiful tortoise shell scales inlaid with yellow, pink and green gold.  Lisa Tomlin did the shading and lines on the gold inlays.  gray built the leather case.  This is from an original Joseph Rodgers & Sons knife.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hidetoshi Nakayama is one talented guy.

Just returned from the ECCKS (East Coast Custom Knife Show) which was a blast.  Sales seemed good for almost everyone.  One of the makers displaying knives was Hidetoshi Nakayama of Japan.  I believe this is the only U.S. show that he does each year.  Hidetoshi has been making knives for 20+ years and is also known for his Netsuke carvings and Blot Action Pens.  I was lucky to acquire several pieces of his art work.

Small Folder

Gekko Folder

Bolt Action Pen

Skull Folder

Octopus Knife