Thursday, January 15, 2015

Rag Micarta

One of the rarest of materials to find on a knife is true Rag Micarta.  Rag Micarta, a brownish/greenish color, hasn't been made for many years but every once in a while some turns up.  i traded some Westinghouse Ivory Micarta for some Rag Micarta and with the help of a friend got some to Tony Bose to put on a knife.  Here is a brand new Wharncliffe Trapper from Tony Bose with Rag Micarta scales.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Harvey Dean "catfish" engraved by Ray Cover Jr.

This is Harvey Dean's Catfish model, this pattern is more commonly  referred to as an Elephant Toenail but Harvey likes to call it his "Catfish" model, so it is.  This knife features Harvey's ladder pattern Damascus made from 1075 and 15N20 steels and it is made as a three-bladed whittler, bolsters are stainless steel and engraved and gold inlayed by Master Engraver Ray Cover Jr.  The mammoth handles are secured with 14-karat gold pins and there is one 14-karat gold escutcheon on the presentation side of the knife with an engraved boarder, the back springs, two of them, are stippled and the third is polished to highlight the whittler pattern.  Harvey is a member of the AKI (Art Knife Invitational) group of makers.