Friday, June 30, 2017

Richard Tesarik Custom Knives

One of the most talented knifemakers that I have come across in years.  His designs are amazing.  Check these out.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Plum Dagger by David Goldberg

Kinzan (David Goldberg), has been in involved with Japanese Samurai Swords and sword arts for over 30 years.  He is a highly sought after world renown master swordsmith & swordsman, as well as a martial arts self defense Sensei and a traditionally licensed sword smith in Japan. He devotes his life to the creation, care and preservation of Samurai swords, swordsmanship arts, and Japanese culture, his love and devotion to Japanese swords, sword history, and Japanese culture carries' through into his work. His craftsmanship, understanding of correct metallurgy, geometry, and tradition, makes his work classically beautiful, functional, and collectable.  This piece is called the Plum Dagger.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Another cool piece from Brian Chovanec

This piece is called "Chamois", the name stems from the handle material, Chamois horn ( ).  Other features of this knife are a blade of Randy Haas "Explosion" pattern Damascus, carved bronze fittings with a Celtic flare and Mother of Pearl inlays. Inside the wooden case it is shape moulded and felt lined along with a certificate of authenticity, the sheath is hand laced leather with deer skin, Reticulated Python skin and hand carved bronze bling with a Celtic pattern.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Forgotten #2 by Brian Chovanec

This unique and beautiful work of art is from Brian Chovanec.  This piece is "Forgotten #2", the back story on the naming of this piece has to do with memories now forgotten and symbolicly covered with cobwebs.  This knife features a blade of 52100 steel (used in ball bearings and such) at a 60 HRC (rockwell hardness) hand rubbed satin finish to 2k grit, flat ground hidden tang construction, hand sanded to 2k grid, flat ground with a zero secondary bevel ,convex edge, stippled and blued flats for contrast, the guard and pommel are Damascus, spacers are copper, the handle is hand carved stag inlayed with bronze wire and shredded sterling silver background.

Brian lives in Slovakia and is an Australian expat. The knife, as are all his works, is 100% handmade (handheld tools only), an original one of a kind with no repeats