Sunday, March 7, 2010

More acquisitions from the NY knife show

Picked up some great Bose knives, 3 from Tony and 1 from Reese;

Reeses Bose Wharncliff Whittler, really sweet Ivory.......for now going into the collection;

A Tony Bose Cattle Knife.  I understand that there are not many of these around, also going into the collection;

Two more Tony's both prototypes, serial #0.  A Coke Bottle pattern with a beautiful amber stag bone scales;

and a Serpentine Trapper with Remington Bone;

These two are going up on

Monday, March 1, 2010

Multi-Tool Comparison

I have been wanting to do this for awhile now.  Took an interest in some of the small custom multi-tools that have been so popular lately.  Peter Atwood has the "hot hand" currently in this arena and has set the pace.  The various multi-tools out there do many different things, however, the ones that appeal most to me are those that perform a function that is of the greatest use to me personally, opening things; packages and bottles.

Which multi-tool is best?  I wanted to find out so I acquired a Peter Atwood MSOPT (Mini Son of Pry Thing), a JDR Knife and Tool [Joshua Rice] Mini Prymera and a JRP Custom Knives [Jared Ryan Price] Toucan.  Here are pictures of these three tools;
All come with Kydex sheaths


Atwood MSOPT - The Atwood MSOPT offers a cutting edge, bottle opener and pry tip, variations can be found with a V-notch.  This piece is made of Talonite, other steels are available.  Overall length is 2 7/8" and the cutting edge is 1 1/8".  The width is 3/4".  Peter does all his own machining and uses a professional heat treating service for that need.

The MSOPT is the lightest/easest carry of these multi tools.  It is well suited for neck, key chain or pocket carry.  It is comfortable in the hand due to the paracord but a little small in use, but certainly up to the tasks it was designed for.  The finish on this piece is of higher quality than either of the other tools.

JDR Mini Prymera - The Mini Prymera offers a cutting edge and bottle opener and can function as a pry tip and chisel.  I believe these are also available with a pry tip/screw driver function at the rear of the tool.  The Mini Prymera is made from CPM-S30V (Josh does offer other options as to steel), overall tool length is 3 9/16" and the cutting edge is 1 7/16" the width at the chisel end is 1 1/16".  Josh does all his own machining and heat treating.  The Kydex sheath is set up for key chain or neck carry.  This piece comes with a decorative pin insert.

The Mini Prymera is very comfortable in use as a bottle opener or blade, the Paracord wrap provides good purchase.  The largest of the three tools, it offers the best cutting ability due to the length of the cutting edge, it is also the heaviest of the three.

JR ToucanThe Toucan provides a cutting edge and a bottle opener, additionally it can function as a pry tip, nail puller/wire stripper and can possibly serve limited use as a screwdriver.  The Toucan is made from 5/32" 154CM Stainless Steel.  Overall length of the tool is 3 1/16" cutting edge is 1".  The pattern is waterjet cut into the material and Jared does all the grinding and finish work.  The Toucan is also available with single grind in a chisel style configuration.  There is a single hole in the Kydex sheath for neck or keychain carry. 

 The bottle opener is to be used while the tool is still sheathed; pluses and minuses to this; if you try to open a bottle or use a function on the butt end of the tool you MUST hold the sheath to use it otherwise the cutting edge will get you.  If the tool is hanging from your neck you need to remove it to use the functions on the rear of the tool.  Keychain carry is probably the best option providing the easiest deployment, I think the butt end a little sharp for pocket carry. The blade is double-ground as opposed to a chisel grind, with bevels on both sides, as on the other multi tools .  As a cutting tool this piece is a little small for my hand but the finger grooves and textured thumb ramp help with gripping, it does the job. 


All three of these tools are up to the task at hand and each has it's pluses and minuses.  The Atwood is the most expensive and hardest to find and most collectible, it sells at a hugh premium on the secondary market (thats how I got mine).  The Mini Prymera is a little lower at the makers original price, if you can get one direct from the maker, secondary market cost is at a premium but still tough to find.  The Toucan is the least expensive and probably easiest to find.

I would only be comfortable with the Toucan as a key chain tool as the edges would be too sharp for the pocket and as a neck carry a pain to take off to use while sheathed.  The Mini Prymera would be large for the pocket or key chain, I believe best as a neck carry piece.  I like the versatility of carry with the MSOPT as pocket. key chain or neck would all be comfortable.  Disregarding cost as a factor, based on carry options, my pick would be the Atwood MSOPT.  For primary use as a bottle opener and considering cost the Toucan would be the way to go.  With cutting ability and comfort in the hand the Mini Prymera would be my first choice.

Hope you enjoyed.