Tuesday, September 23, 2014

GTC (Gus Cecchini) Knives

I have long been a fan of the knives of Gus Cecchini who operates under the nom de plume of GTC Knives.  To me, Gus's knives bring to mind the terms sleek, modern, avant-garde, built for speed.  I suspect there is an exhibit at MOMA that is missing some items because I have them.  Here are some of the latest.


Reduced Plasma


Friday, September 5, 2014

Charles Marlow Squail

Charles Marlow has been one of the stand out knifemakers in the tactical knife world for many years. Charles no longer takes orders so his knives are very difficult to come by.  Fortunately he has agreed to join the TKI (Tactical Knifemakers Invitational) group of makers and offer up his knives for sale via lottery at their January show.  Below are pictures of my Squail obtained after a wait of 3 years or so.  Great knife, love the "twack" when it clicks open.