Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Pirates by Tore Fogarrizu and Simone Fezzardi

This is an exceptional knife created by Tore Fogarrizu with engraving by Simone Fezzardi.  The knife is a button lock, pushing the hidden button allows the blade to pop up a half inch or so that it may be grasped and fully opened.  The side plates are gold and they are fully engraved with a Pirate scene.....the captain, looking trough his telescope (see the view reflexed in the glass at the end of the telescope) spys a beautiful pirate lass shown on the reverse side of the knife.  A playful and beautiful work of art by two Italian Masters.

Friday, April 3, 2015

The Quintessential Bob Loveless Knife

The Drop Point Hunter has to be the quintessential Bob Loveless knife; most copied pattern there is and the most comfortable in the hand.  I have had many Drop Point Hunters but always looking to find a better example to upgrade the collection.  I guess there could be a reasonable debate as to the green Micarta vs. stag as the perfect representation of the DP but it is hard to argue against the beauty of stag.  I have had a very nice example of a natural stag DP but recently acquired an amber stag piece.  I think I may have to keep both.