Friday, June 24, 2016

Brian Chovanec Persian Fighter

I have been watching Brian Chovanec on FaceBook for some time now, the knives he makes have been very interesting.  I decided to get one.  Presenting the Persian Fighter by Brian Chovanec.  This amazing work of art features a hollow ground, mirror polished blade, bronze fittings, warthog spacers, carved Turkish walnut handle, copper pins and Amethysts set in some of the pins.  The snakes have stainless steel tongues and copper eyes (the guard and pommel are not cast, they are actually carved from one solid piece of brass).  Brian lives in Slovakia and is an Australian expat.  This knife is 100% handmade (handheld tools only), an original one of a kind with no repeats.  Pretty cool so I thought to share.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Brian Tighe a creative and well respected maker.

I have known Brian for many years.  His knives are always much sought after, especially the more hard to find upscale pieces.  Her are some I recently acquired.  Hope you enjoy the pictures.

This is a collaboration with Borka Blades
 Another Borka Blades Collab
 Tighe Fighter with a Celtic theme
 Tighe Fighter with Damasteel Blade and splash anodizing
Another Tighe Fighter with Damasteel Blade and splash anodizing