Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I was fortunate to pick up several new knives that will all eventually be engraved.  It is kind of exciting deciding what engraving theme/style is appropriate to each knife, who the engraver should be and anticipating what they will look like when finally done.  Here are the knives I just got (these are kind of quick & dirty pictures I did for inventory vs. display purposes);

This is a large model 15 from Tom Overeynder with Blue Biggs Jasper.  This piece is a Prototype as it is the first large model 15 with the "pinched butt stock".  Not yet sure were this on is going.

This piece by Warren Osborne is his Slim Pick model.  This piece is very special because the inner oval is Lapis and the outer is Mother-of-Pearl; it is very difficult to properly mate these dissimilar materials.  This knife is off to Brian Hochstrat.

This is a Joe Kious model 10 which is on the way to C J Cai.  I had Joe center the black-lip inlay (it is usually closer to the rear bolster) to allow equal areas for engraving on both sides of the inlay.

This beautiful little knife is from Steve Hoel.  Not sure yet about the engraver or theme.

Here is a small model 15 from Tom Overeynder with a Deschutes Jasper.  This knife will go to Joe Mason for engraving in a scroll pattern with lots of Gold.

Last of the new knives destined to be engraved is another model 15 from Tom Overeynder.  This one has the nicest Gold-lip Pearl I have seen.

I believe this is the greatest number of new knives, destined for engraving, that I have secured at one time.  I expect it will be a couple of years before I see the last of these back in my hands fully engraved.