Saturday, February 28, 2015

Mike Quesenberry Master Smith Knife #1

I first met Mike Quesenberry at an ABS (American Bladesmith Society) show in San Antonio and really liked his work.  Tim Hancock ABS MS and friend said that Mike was a maker to watch, so I did.  After getting my first piece from Mike when he was a Journeyman Smith, a fighter, I asked if anyone had asked for his first MS knife.  No one had, so I asked then and there and Mike agreed.  I have worked with many knifemakers and it is often my habit to challenge them to do something new/different.  Most welcome the challenge as did Mike.  We decided on a push dagger and one with pique work to up the difficulty factor.  Mike has less hair now.  Here is the result.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Cechinni/Terzuola CT3

Gus Cecchini (GTC Custom Knives) and Bob Terzuola are two of the industries "hottest" knife makers.  They have collaborated on several projects, the latest dubbed CT3, which was the creation of 6 knives right after the TKI (Tactical Knife Invitational) show.  Here is one of the 6 knives.

 A large knife, too heavy for me to carry but right there with the trend for bigger knives,  This knife also has the flipper opening mechanisms that GTC uses for the Airborne flipper, one of the slickest openers out there, here is a link to demonstrate how it works link